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Hey there! You can call me Bonnibel or Baal. I’m 18 and use she/her pronouns! i am trans and ND! pls be patient with me as I am extremely shy!! i use tone tags! I also have the same birthday as light yagami

I also really love astrology, j-pop, history, crystals, plushies, k-pop, music, gothic lolita fashion, gyaru, aesthetics, harajuku culture, J-pop, anime, thrifting, and role playing. I like creating original characters and writing them more importantly! even if I take eternity to write a single character. I am a rokku gyaru and gothic lolita at heart, I wish to get some coords someday!!

I love love love BananaLemon, Slipknot, Miki Matsubara, Junko Ohashi, Yukiko Okada, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Gorillaz, S3RL, MCR, Fallout Boy, TWICE, COIN, Bring me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil, Yukiko Okada, Melanie Martinez, BABYMETAL, P!ATD, and Crystal Castles :)

My fav ships are Yatori, Akeshu, Mondoleon, Gumlee, Kuzusouda, Barbfischl, Leogami, Komahina, Yatone, Shizaya, Soukoku, Komagami, Annshiho, Kyoru, Bubbline, Chiluc, Benneyun, Shukita, Akiryu, Xiaoven, and Chili!

My interests are Genshin Impact, Noragami, Sanrio, Persona 5, Fruits Basket, Mystic Messanger, Soul Eater, Sailor Moon, DC comics, Adventure Time, Madoka Magica, Saiki K, Death Note, Soul Eater, Magical Girl Site, Homestuck, Kakegurui, Devilman Crybaby, Mobpsycho100, Duradura, and Okegom!

Diluc Ragnvindr — Genshin Impact

Celestia Ludenberg — Danganronpa

Ren Amamiya / Akira Kurusu — Persona 5

L Lawliet — Death Note

Zhongli — Genshin Impact

Alice Hiiragi — Persona 5

Sayaka Maizono — Danganronpa

Saiki Kusuo — Saiki K

Kiyoharu Suirenji — Mahou Shoujo Site

Fischl — Genshin Impact

Langa Hasegawa — SK8 the Infinity

Lumpy Space Princess — Adventure Time

Ei — Genshin Impact

Madoka Kaname — Madoka Magica


❀ Eye / wrist trauma.
❀ It/Its pronouns used for me or my ocs. Please don’t use any other pronouns for my ocs that aren’t their specified pronouns as well as mine!
❀ Give cryptic responses without tone indication, basically responding to my message(s) with one word or emoji!!! esp this pls.


❀ Use the terms “loli” or are a lolicon (same goes for shotacon)
❀ Proship
❀ Apologists for controversial subjects.
❀ Cliques and groups alike, being in a group that feels “cliquey”
❀ Support Incest/Homophobia/Racism/Transphobia/Pedophilia!
❀ Are ex-friends!! pls no toxics <3